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Why I Write

Updated: May 30, 2023

I wanted to talk a little bit about hobbies, specifically the ones we keep coming back to. Do you have those? I do. For me, it's reading. Writing. Yoga. These things are good for my soul, which is why I call them my "soul blankets." It's a silly name, I know, but going back to those things feels like snuggling up in my own bed after being away for a really long time. They feel like coming home.

A while back, I saw this quote and it summed it up:

We didn't get into the creative business because it was easy, and we didn't get into it because of certainties. In fact, most of us love this work because of the uncertainties, because it keeps it interesting. There remain better, easier, less anxiety-producing ways to make money in this world. We didn't get into this business for that. We got into it because we didn't have a choice. We do what we do because there is nothing more rewarding than the artistic and creative process, even if those rewards aren't always financial, even if they don't accrue as quickly as we might have originally hoped. -Ryan Holiday

I can't not write. That's the simple truth of it. Writing is my blanket I keep coming back to. Writing is my home. The stories that I write are usually fluffy and silly with lots of banter, but the more books I finish, the more I see myself tracing the same themes over and over again. Community. Authenticity. How scary it is to let yourself be seen.

While I try and keep it light and fluffy, I hope those themes underscore this blog too.

Of my three soul blankets, writing is inherently the most vulnerable. And while I'm not perfect at letting myself be known, I'm learning & I'm trying because there's a beauty in standing before the world and saying with unapologetic abandon "this is who I am."

If you've ever been scared to let yourself be seen too, we can learn and try together.

I hope you'll let me see you. 🤍



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